Know The Benefits And Types Of Lubes With The Best Personal Lubricant Guide

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When it comes to sex, both the people involved in it need to have fun. Having a pleasurable sex depends upon many reasons such as the way it is done, the duration, the position, and also the type of lube which is being used. Having sex without using a proper lubricant can be non-pleasurable and rough at times because of the dryness of the genitals. Most of the condoms already have pre-applied lube on them but the major drawback of that lube is it often dries up very easily leading to the condom getting ripped or torn. Using a proper lube not only makes the sex pleasurable but also has numerous other benefits such as making the condoms last longer and also there is a rule for sex which says the wetter the better. Using a lube allows lesser friction and better skin.

best personal lubricant guide

Benefits Of Using Lubes For Sex

It is proven in many of the cases that using lubrication makes sex more enjoyable and longer and it gives more comfort and ease to both the genders. There are various kinds of lubricants now available in the market, one can pick any of them according to their choice and preference. If in case you don’t know that what kinds of lubes are present in the market and what is the difference between them then here is a best personal lubricant guide which will help you in identifying the lube of your choice.

Types Of Lubes

The different kinds of lubes available in the market are:

  • Water Based Lubes: Water based lubes are the most versatile lubes and can be used in any activity of sex which you desire. This lubes majorly constitute of water, which means these lubes are safe to use with condoms and with these lubes there is a lesser chance of breaking or rupturing it.
  • Silicone Based Lubes: These lubes provide a more sensitive feel while having sex. This type of lube last longer and needs not to be reapplied again and again. Silicone based lubes are hypoallergenic which don’t cause any reaction.
  • Oil Based Lubes: These lubes are made from different type of oils. These lubes are considered the most long lasting but these lubes if used with latex condoms generally lead to the condoms getting damaged, these also often cause bacterial infections at times.
  • Natural Lubes: These lubes are usually made of natural elements such as aloe gel and other natural products. These lubes are although comparatively lesser long lasting but these lubes have no side effects or allergic reactions on the genitals.

You can choose between the lube which you desire to use by the help of this best personal lubricant guide and can make sex more pleasurable for yourself.