Benefits of signing up with Panda betting site

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The casino industry comprises an excellent gaming experience that can never be ignored. And Royal Panda is among the top casino site that their synonym was derived from best betting. Probably, every gambler in India has come across Royal Panda. Including those around the country, since it is based on India.  The impressive thing about Royal Panda is that it accepts gamblers from any country.

royal panda

Rupee casino consists of many gamblers who are continually complaining that online casino doesn’t support most local currencies. Royal Panda understands this frustration, that’s why it has come with a feature that supports the local currency. So, you can freely bet with Rupees instead. Here are some of the benefits you will achieve once you’ve registered with Royal Panda.

Weekly $150 Bamboo reward

If you deposit $150 every Friday, you will get a 50% reward for that amount during that weekend. The most impressive thing is that you can achieve this each week on Friday.

Additionally, they offer a minimum amount of $10 deposit, which will be deducted from wager’s cash balance. X35 is a gambling requirement for casino games.

Based on deposit bonuses, Rupee casino feels like what they offer to the players is too much. It is because of their weekly offer that makes it even much better. Once you’re guaranteed weekly bonuses, nothing more you can expect from other casino betting sites.

Program for loyal Panda 

There is nothing that has ever been good online betting that loyalty panda program. If you feel that you aren’t satisfied with weekly rewards, there is still much more you can achieve through Royal panda.

For instance, you can earn some loyalty points, or as it has commonly known as royal panda points, notably a player gamble with real money. With Loyal panda, it doesn’t matter if you will end up losing, better still, you will eventually win.