Tantra in Prague – an experience good for both the body and mind

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While in the Czech capital, you should definitely not miss out on a tantra in Prague. This experience is unique in that it mixes elements of physiotherapy and eroticism and can therefore provide you with unexpected benefits for both the body and mind. You can enjoy tantra at one of the many erotic massage parlours that are to be found in the city. What to expect from this procedure if you decide to opt for it? This article will clarify.

Tantra in Prague – much more than just erotic stimulation

As mentioned previously, tantric therapy does indeed feature an erotic touch to a certain degree, though you can’t expect your masseuse to go as far as direct sex. The procedure itself has its origins in ancient Indian tantric system, though it actually incorporates modern massaging techniques, as well as some elements of psychotherapy, yoga and sexual therapy, including lingam (penis) and yoni (vagina) massages. You can read more about the experience of vagina massages here. Erotic experience is, naturally, an inextricable part of being human, though it’s not the be-all and end-all. And you can’t treat tantra as solely erotic. Acceptance, care, gentleness, compassion, relief, sympathy – all of this plays an equally important role here.

The mutual spark is especially important here

If you’re going for tantra, keep in mind that for it to truly work, both you and your therapist must feel at ease and comfortable with each other, or, even better, feel mutual sympathy. Of course, it’s the masseuse’s job, so she can’t really refuse you for reasons that you don’t click, but try to be more approachable and pleasant to be around – being rude will not reflect well on your experience. Likewise, if you’re presented with a choice, try to pick the masseuse that you feel the most attracted to (and we don’t mean just physically). Tantra relies a great deal on a relation between the “giver” (your therapist) and the “taker” (you). Try not to upset this delicate balance and you’re bound to have a great time!

In which ways can this procedure help you?

There are countless ways in which tantra can prove beneficial. Each day, many of us are subjected to unnatural amounts of mental stress and it is precisely this procedure that can offer great relief from this modern killer. But it doesn’t end there. There are also these proven benefits of this massage to consider. These are for example:

  •   Helping with accepting one’s body
  •   Thorough relaxation of the muscles
  •   Help with treating erectile dysfunction, increasing one’s libido
  •   Speeding up blood flow and toxin disposal
  •   Elevating one’s mood

How exactly does this procedure transpire?

Typically, it takes place within the massage parlour itself, though there are possibilities of booking an escort to your place. The therapy itself is very gentle, utilising soft, yet precise touches. Some exotic props such as ostrich feathers and other sensual objects may be used. It is a full-body massage – every part of you, erogenous zones included, will be catered to. Orgasm is to be expected, even welcome, though its refined delaying and a slow build-up to it is highly important as well. The procedure is both preceded and followed by a warm shower. For greatest effect, it is recommended to repeat the whole thing again soon!

Do you think tantra might be the right thing for you? In which way could it help you? Can you think of some or do you have a direct experience of any other similar therapy such as this one? What do about mixing the erotic aspects into a massage? Leave a comment below!